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What is NFT Based Real Estate Games

Upland is a blockchain-based virtual property metaverse and NFT game. Each player can buy, sell, and exchange virtual properties.
What is NFT Based Real Estate Games

As we know that In the midst of the high popularity of GameFi, game developers are competing to create games that are unique from existing games. One of them is or Unpland, a crypto game metaverse with the concept of buying and selling property that is attractive and also profitable for its players. How does the Upland metaverse game work? Check it out below!

Know What is Upland

Upland is a blockchain-based virtual property metaverse game. Each player can buy, sell, and exchange virtual properties whose locations match the names of cities and countries in the real world.

By becoming a “digital landowner”, users can build properties and earn UPX coins. Created and operated by Uplandme, Inc, this crypto game uses the EOS blockchain to bind every property on the Upland platform into an NFT form.

Currently, there are many new blockchain-based games that are on the rise. Therefore, Upland tries to do something different by trying to create a market-based digital economy by eliminating the boundaries between the real world and the digital world.

Users can buy in-game assets with fiat currency or crypto assets (using UPX coins) and trade their assets with other players.

But before you start playing Upland, it should be noted that for some time there has been no way to cash out your UPX tokens. All you can do is reinvest it in another property, which gives you more UPX.

How Upland Works

Upland is here to provide users with a fast metaverse game access experience through various platforms such as web, iOS, and Android in an effort to attract a wide audience. Upland is built on three main pillars, namely Play, Earn and Connect.

The game also has a Property-to-USD program. Although currently in beta, the feature is used to sell real estate in US dollars and is open to 100 Uplanders only. However, the development team plans to gradually increase that number and the feature will eventually be available to all players. Real estate on Upland is property that is on the Upland map.

How to Play Upland?

If you are interested in trying to play Upland, make sure you have registered an email by visiting the site via a browser or downloading the application on the App Store or Google Play.

If you have successfully registered an email, here is a playing guide that can make it easier for you to buy and sell property and collect UPX coins in Upland.

Block Explorer

When you first create an Upland account, you will get the first mission, which is to choose Explorer or Block Explorer. Block Explorers are Upland's loyal companions, and are the key to unlocking all the fun and gameplay this game has to offer.

Block Explorer acts as a map and takes you on a journey through a randomly selected city. This method can help you to buy any property that is available for a limited time. Once selected, Block Explorer will be dropped at the initial location.

Collecting UPX

Once you have selected Block Explorer, new players will receive 3,000 UPX as an initial bonus. UPX is a crypto asset used for Upland game.

The coin offers players the freedom to buy, sell and exchange properties using a peer-to-peer based exchange method. UPX is currently unusable outside of the game and is implemented as a utility token, which is derived from the EOSIO token system contract.

UPX can be purchased in fixed quantities from the Upland marketplace, which is located in the top right corner of the app. Players will also collect UPX on their properties every three hours. To be able to increase earnings, players can do so by completing Collections.

Visitors and Uplanders

Login As Visitor

New players will start with Visitor status and will need to accumulate a fortune of up to 10,000 UPX to become an 'Uplander' and enjoy the true ownership of their digital assets.

Sign in with Upland Visa

Users who previously had an Upland Visa should renew their account every seven days to maintain ownership of their digital assets. There is no limit to the number of times the Upland Visa can be extended.

If the user fails to renew their visa within seven days, an additional grace period of one day will be added. If the visa is not renewed, the player's assets (all acquired property and UPX balance) will be recycled to support the game's economy.

How to Buy Property

There are currently two ways to buy property in Upland:

Finding New Properties Using Block Explore.

As Block Explorer explores the city, you can see a trail of properties available for purchase. Available properties will be marked in green and clickable to purchase for a limited time.

Once selected, players can press the 'BUY' button, the property will be printed on the blockchain, and you will become the owner of the newly minted Upland property.

Your property deed will be available whenever you click on the property, and you can also view your NFT on the EOS blockchain. Interesting right?

Choose from Marketplace

You can also buy properties that are resold through the Marketplace feature. Use the Compass button to display all available resale properties using the green pin, and press the BUY button to purchase.

In addition, you can also bid on properties that are not currently listed for sale. These properties are shown in light blue and you can choose them to bid either UPX or trading properties.

How to Sell Property

You can list your property for sale on Marketplace whenever you want.

All you have to do is select the property you want to sell, click the green 'SELL' button, and give the price you want.

In addition, you can also choose whether you allow offers in the form of UPX or trade properties.

Map Function

The development team has added some handy features to help players navigate the Upland map. Players can select the Compass button at the bottom left of the app and find the following:

  • Explorer: Find your current Block Explorer location.
  • Place of Interest: View properties with unique characteristics.
  • Marketplace: Enable and disable property re-sale Pins.

How much does it cost to play the Metaverse Upland game?

Cost is of course an essential factor in playing this game. If you want to know how much it costs to play the crypto game Upland, here is a leaked fee sourced from an Upland Executive named ThankMeLater. ThankMeLater has successfully sold three different properties for $500 each. While the buyer of the 3 properties is Wulfinite, a player who joined Upland a few months earlier.

Here are the reasons why Wulfinite is willing to buy property at such a fantastic price:

  1. 350 Mcallister St. (initial mint price 193,280 UPX, or about 193 US dollars) purchased because it is close to City Hall.
  2. 3 Community Visitor Centers (starting price 135,520 UPX, or approximately 135 US dollars) were purchased due to a rare location.
  3. 401 23rd St. (initial mint price 356,860 UPX, or approximately US$356) was purchased because the buyer was planning to build a property on the site.

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